Maybe this is your first obstacle race - maybe it's your tenth. Why choose The Inferno? Because we

We've tried some of the other races out there. And we've decided to eliminate the mud slides, mud crawls, and so-called mud "obstacles". Why? Well think to yourself, when did you ever enjoy eating dirt and getting covered head to toe while sliding on your belly in the mud? Mud isn't an obstacle - and we will prove it!  Don't get us wrong, you will get dirty, but not because your trudging through a mud pit!

We've also designed The Inferno with a

For the tri, and duo sport junkies out there we wanted to combine some traditional race elements with our new obstacle adventure. We've turned the dial up a notch, giving you a 13.1 mile course of difficult obstacles, but on top of that you'll be perfecting your breast stroke in our long distance swim. 

And finally, we are out here to

We are partnered with Action for Healthy Kids ® and we're working together to help end childhood obesity, an epidemic that directly affects one in three kids. We hope The Inferno can inspire you to get excited about fitness and staying active and in turn your actions will resonate with our younger generations. Set an example. Race The Inferno.